Emmanuel Macron and Prophet Muhammad’s Cartoon Controversy

What the News update?

The issue of President French

Hallo everyone, do you know what happened with French country and what happened with Prophet Muhammad SAW. I know many of people who have same question of this issue. Here I am give you some information about that issue. Before we continue to explain this issue, you should know before who is Emmanuel Macron.

Who is Emmanuel Macron?

Emmanuel Macron is a President of French who hated Muslim community of French because he think that Islam is terrorism religion.

Who is Erdogan?

The second topic, who is Erdogan? Erdogan is president of Turkey as Islam religion who do not accepted an insult to Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Who is the Teacher?

Teacher beheading. Who is? His name is Samuel Paty. He is a teacher of French The history teacher shows the students cartoons in a free expression lesson.

What the Issue?

In this time, the issue about caricature Prophet Muhammad SAW booming at birthday of the Prophet. The first issue come from the President of French. It is make all religion of Muslim so angry and curse the President.

The President name is Emmanuel Macron, his name become a trending topic of search engine president in this month. The consequences for his behavior, all French society of this country get a lot of loss. Some of business of Islam Country have an over and closed. The country who banned French’s business are Arab Saudi, Iran, Turkey and some of Middle East Country.

The case of beheading of Teacher who showing the caricature of Prophet Muhammad SAW. And then the president of French feel angry to Muslim community is there his country. He say that Islam is terrorism religion who kill the Teacher. After the case happened, the president publish the caricature of Prophet Muhammad SAW as a describer that Islam is terrorism religion. Besides, the president of some Islam country especially Erdogan as a President not accept an insult to Prophet Muhammad of the caricature.

After the cut off the teacher in French, President Immanuel Macron promised to eradicating terror groups within the Muslim community in France. The way of his promised, he published the caricature that make the teacher beheading of someone who people say from Islam community in French.

Erdogan said that Prophet Muhammad a person who softly, full of love and tolerant to each people although the people hate very much till give bad word and insult him. But, he always replay with softly and do something best if that people need a help.

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